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Almost silent and environmentally friendly transportation across rough terrains, beaches, woodland or indoors. That’s what the fully electric Leffert FM-50 by Frisian Motors is all about. Our Lefferts are assembled in our factory in the Netherlands and these 100% electric transporters are built to be tough and robust.  Moreover, they are hugely multifunctional and Frisian Motors delivers all transporters with license plates as standard, so that they can be used on the open road. Their range is somewhat dependant on conditions and is 60-80 km. Maximum speed is 60 km/hour.



Offering the most up to date AC technology and external battery chargers that plug into the main grid, Leffert transporters can be charged wherever and whenever in just eight hours (4 hour option also). The vehicles come as standard with maintenance-free AGM-batteries, which are extremely stable to use and 99% recyclable. There is also the option to use heavier battery packs, as well as lithium batteries.



Depending on the intended purpose, the vehicles can be adapted entirely to customer demand, both technically as well as in terms of their exterior. Business customers can, in some cases, make use of government subsidies.
There are countless accessories available depending on specific needs and uses, making the vehicles highly multifunctional. For example, extended or completely enclosed loading compartments or enclosed (heated) cabins. There is even a model that comes as an extended 4-person vehicle.




– Comes with licence plates as standard
– Speed 60 km/h

– Range 60-80 km
– Multifunctional use
– No car tax, road tax or personal contribution
– Charges for just 3 Euros
– Also available with agricultural plates
– With European road admission

Download the Leffert FM-50 Transporter brochure here.

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