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Leffert FM-40

Leffert FM-40

The smaller sister of the FM-50. Naturally made with the Frisian Motors philosophy in mind. Strong, functional and a complete machine as standard.


Leffert FM-50 2WD

Leffert FM-50 2WD

Silent and environmentally friendly transportation across rough terrains, beaches, woodland or indoors. That’s what the fully electric Leffert FM-50 by Frisian Motors is all about.

Leffert FM 80 2WD

Leffert FM 80 2WD

Based on the success of the Leffert FM-50, the Leffert FM-80 is the extended version and can seat 4 (optionally 6) people.

Leffert FM-90 4WD

Leffert FM 90 4WD

If you are the type who seeks out extreme environments, like the beach, the mountains or if use trailers or tools weighing up to 1000 kg? Then the Leffert FM-90 4×4 is the one for you!

Leffert FM-100 4WD

Leffert FM-100 4WD

Do you want to visit extreme conditions with 4-6 people, such as the beach, the mountains or do you want to use trailers up to 1000 kg? Then the Leffert FM-100 4WD is your vehicle!

Leffert FM-55

Leffert FM-55

You want to get in and out in a quick manner, but the power and speed of the FM-50? Than the FM-55 may be the vehicle for you!


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Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven

"With great pleasure I bought an electric transporter FM-50 from Mr Theo de Jong - director and owner of Frisian Motors BV - in 2013.

Ben Woldring

After a brief demonstration, the choice was quickly made. The distinctive features of 55 km/h and 100% electric drive really appealed to Ben.

Recreatiepark de Molenhof

Given the advantages of less noise and less maintenance. The decision was quickly made to choice the Leffert FM-50 from Frisian Motor.

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Frequently asked questions

The Leffert FM-50 goes to about 55 km/h and the FM-90 4×4 goes to about 45 km/h. Both the FM-80 and FM-100 go to about 40 km/h. It is possible to have the maximum speed reduced by Frisian Motors, for example due to safety reasons at events or recreational areas. You can choose which limited maximum speed you want. This speed limit comes in two forms: fixed and variable. With a fixed limit, we ensure that the machine does not go faster than the desired speed. A variable limit allows switching between low and high speed by using an administrator key.

Yes, all vehicles from the Leffert transporter series come standard with a road permit. They have a European type approval. The Leffert FM-50 and FM-90 come with registration as standard. The Leffert FM-80 and FM-100 are supplied with an agricultural registration as standard. The FM-40 has an approval as a microcar.

The standard delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks. However, if you have specific wishes, the delivery time may be longer. When ordering, we will give you an indication of the expected delivery time. You will also be kept informed during production in case the delivery date changes.

Most grants are for business users. We list national subsidies on our website, but it is also worthwhile to inquire about subsidies from local authorities, such as the municipality or province. In view of the fact that most subsidies are based on tax benefits, the benefit to be expected ultimately differs per applicant. For more information about grants, please view our grant calculator page.