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THE LEFFERT FM-80 Cargo Lithium


Frisian Motors is increasingly being asked for an electrical transporter with an extra-long loading compartment. Because the loading compartment on the FM-50 with a width of 130 cm did not always suffice, we had to look for something new. From that request we started making drawings and construction calculations. And after a few months it was ready: The FM-80 Cargo Lithium.
The base is the well-known FM-80. The extended version of the FM-50 which is used primarily to transport passengers.

The vehicle is equipped as standard with power steering and, therefore, makes for a smooth ride. Weighted suspension and a very robust cabin with polyester roof. This fully electric vehicle is virtually silent, environmentally friendly and requires little maintenance. The Leffert FM-80 Cargo Lithium is most frequently used for heavy work where a lot has to be transported without the use of a cart.
The vehicle comes with an agricultural T5 certificate for use on public roads, so you must have a car or tractor driving license. The maximum speed is 50 km/h. The vehicle’s range is approximately 60 km.



The Leffert FM-80 is equipped with the latest AC technology. With a supplied external battery charger, you can charge the batteries of this vehicle on the mains. Charging with the standard charger takes 4 to 5 hours and with the accelerated charger (optional) the charging time is reduced to only 2.5 hours. This is the first vehicle that uses Lithium ion batteries as standard. These new generation batteries are even more powerful than the AGM batteries which are normally the standard in this type of vehicle. Want to find out more about Lithium batteries? Please visit our Lithium page 



Based on the client’s wishes, we can adjust both the appearance and the technique. In certain cases, commercial clients can make use of government subsidies, such as the Vamil (random depreciation) and the MIA (additional deduction option for taxable profit).



– Delivered as standard with agricultural T5 vehicle license
– Lithium batteries
– Speed of 50 km/hour
– Range of roughly 60 km
– 400 kg load capacity
– Multifunctional applications
– No BPM, road tax and additional tax
– Refueling for less than 3 euro – Subsidy opportunities

Download the brochure of the Leffert FM-80 Cargo Lithium here.

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