Leffert FM-55 Elektrische Transporter

Leffert FM-55 Elektrische Transporter

Noiseless and
environmentally friendly

You want to get in and out in a quick manner, but the power and speed of the FM-50? Than the FM-55 may be the vehicle for you! Because of the functional benches it won’t be a problem to get quickly in an out. The vehicle looks cool and beats every terrain, whether your driving on the beach or in the forests. In addition the functionality is huge, perfect for the transport of small materials, like tools or a  brush cutter.

The FM-55 can be fully composed to your wishes and needs. A small impression of the possibilities? Than visit our configurator!

Curious how the Leffert drives?


The Leffert FM-55 is standardly delivered with maintenance free batteries. These batteries are specially designed for our electric vehicles. The AGM lead batteries are delivered with a fully automatic charger. This means that the battery can be charged in an outlet. When the batteries are fully charged the charger will automatically stop. With this method the batteries will stay in good condition even after a period of no use. The battery package will be charged within 8 hours. 

Optionally improved and more powerful batteries are available. For this we have designed new batteries exclusively for our vehicles. Our Lithium batteries are stronger, charge faster, not as heavy and is three times as reliable than the lead batteries. More information about Lithium can be found on our Lithium page.

Order the Leffert FM-55 transporter or associated parts and accessories in our webshop now. For more technical information about the vehicle, please refer to our downloads page. For this you need to create an account.


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Technical Highlights

Depending on the usage requirements, the vehicle can be assembled entirely according to the customer’s wishes not only technically, but also in terms of appearance. In some cases, business users can make use of government subsidy schemes. Numerous accessories are available for specific uses, which make the vehicle multifunctional. Think of extended or completely closed loading containers or a closed (heated) cabin. Even a version as an extended four-seater is possible.