Leffert FM-100 Transporter 4WD

Leffert FM-100 Transporter 4WD


Do you want to look for extreme conditions with 4-6 persons, like the beach, the mountains or use trailers of a 1000 kg? Than the Leffert FM-100 4WD is the vehicle for you! Provided with low gearing for extremely strong traction. Additionally the vehicle is also equipped with a lot of add-on’s, like power steering, independent suspension, brake discs and 350 kg of loading capacity in cargo box.  

100% electric

Equipped with the newest alternating current techniques and an external battery charger which can connect to the electricity grid. With this charger the Leffert-transporter will everywhere and always be fully charged within 8 hours (4 hours is optional). The vehicle is standard delivered with maintenance free AGM-batteries. This type of battery is very stable in use and for 99% recyclable. Optionally heavier battery packages can be applied. Furthermore we also designed Lithium battery packages exclusively fitted for our vehicles. These new generation batteries are even more powerful than the AGM batteries and are three times as reliable. Want more information about the Lithium batteries? Visit our Lithium page.

Curious how the Leffert drives?

Safe driving

All four tires of the Leffert are equipped with brake discs, independent suspension and standard safety belts for four persons on both benches (extendable to six persons). For every type of terrain the recommended tyre profiles are available. In this way you’ll experience electric driving and working in a save manner.

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