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Frequently Asked Questions

The Leffert has a speed of approximately 55 km/h and the Leffert FM-90 4x4 has a speed of approximately 45 km/h. For the FM-80 as the FM-100 4x4 both can maintain a speed of 40 km/h. It is possible to let Frisian Motors lower the speeds, for instance in connection with the safety on events or recreational terrain. It is your choice which maximum speed you want for the Leffert. The speed limit has two forms, fixed and variable. The fixed limit makes sure that the vehicle can’t go faster than the requested speed. With a variable limit the vehicle can switch between low and high speeds controlled with an admin key.
Yes, all the vehicle out of the Leffert series are standardly delivered with road access. The vehicles also have a European type certifications. The Leffert FM-50 and the FM-90 are come with a license plate. The FM-40 has a type certification as scooter.

For the standard Leffert on license plate it is required to let it get APK certified. The first four years the vehicle is free of testing. After that the vehicles needs to be tested every two years. 

No, it are 100% electrical vehicles. Therefore no road taxes or BPM is required. (as of 2021)

Yes, our vehicles are standardly registered with the RDW. On request we can deliver the vehicle free of registration. The Norbert mini shovel and the Rimmert ride-on mower have no road access and therefore can not be registered with the RDW.

No, you don’t need a special charging pole. Our vehicles can be charged with a normal outlet. 

Yes, the AGM battery packages that Frisian Motors uses, are the most ecological lead batteries. These batteries don’t use acids and are therefore easier to recycle. Also the new type of lithium batteries are reusable. 

The range is determined by the type of vehicle, the driving style and the type of terrain that is being driven on. The Leffert is standardly delivered with an maintenance free AGM battery package. With an fully charged package approximately 60-80 km can be driven. With cold weather and heavy usage the range can drop to 40 km with a full charge. For every lead battery the packages can be charged up to  500-800 times. Our customers use the lead batteries for an average of 4-6 years. The capacity of the batteries declines per year. Lithium batteries are modular and can be charged up to 1200-2000 times. Our customers use the lithium batteries averagely 6-12 years. 

Frisian Motors makes almost standardly use of maintenance free AGM lead batteries. Against a higher price we can replace the batteries with lithium batteries. These lithium batteries are capable of heavier duty, drive longer distances per charge and have three or four times the life expectancy of the lead batteries. On the long term this is the most feasible option. Because the battery package doesn’t need replacement as quickly. With the use of lithium an attractive subsidy can be arranged for corporate usage. 

Standardly the charging takes 6-8 hours. Optionally speed a quick charger is available, which drops the charging times to four hours. For the lithium batteries the charging time is six hours. With the quick chargers the battery package can be fully charged in approximately 2 hours. Sometimes a 380 volt outlet is required. 

For our vehicles a saving of fuel cost of approximately 60% and 50% maintenance cost , because the vehicle has less moving parts, in comparison to the benzine edition. 

The leffert vehicle require a maintenance job after the first 400 kilometres. This will be performed by a authorized dealer or by Frisian Motors. With every 3.000 kilometres the Leffert requires maintenance. Or minimally once a year a check-up. The maintenance will be performed a authorized dealer or Frisian Motors, we also provide service on location.  

Yes, if you drive on a public road, than the vehicle needs to be assured. Frisian Motors has a national agreement with Bokhorst Insurance, which provides the opportunity for very feasible prices. The Leffert is assured for €455,- a year. 

All the Leffert of Frisian Motors obtain a European type certification, recognised by the RDW or a CE-certification, which meets up with the requirements of the safety and quality, as you can expect. 

It is definitely possible to rent a Leffert, this is possible with our subsidiary Rentric Verhuur. With Rentric you can rent a Leffert against a good price. The Lefferts are rentable with a recognisable green colour of rentric and have a maximum speed of 50 km/h and a loading capacity of 340 kg. The battery can last a whole day, so you can fully enjoy your rented Leffert. For more information, visit the website: www.rentric.nl 

Het onderhoud wordt uitgevoerd via een bevoegde dealer of Frisian Motors. Ook bieden wij een service dienst op locatie.  

Yes, Frisian Motors is arose out of a passion for electric vehicles and we want to keep it that way. The development and assembling of the vehicles is all done in our headquarters. This brings a lot of specific knowledge and experience.

Frisian Motors is based in Bakkeveen, Friesland. This involves both the manufacturing as the office. Our address is Leidijk 1B, 9243 WH Bakkeveen. 

Yes, it is definitely possible. But only on if you make an appointment. We will make sure to have the coffee ready and an employee whom can give you the right information about the company and the products. In most cases it is also possible to make a test drive with one of our vehicles.

The most subsidies are for commercial users. National subsidies are mentioned on our website, but it always helps to ask local authorities for subsidies, like municipality or province. Looking at the fact that most subsidies are based on fiscal advantages is the expected advantage is for every applicant different. For more information check the subsidy calculator page. 

If the dealer is based in your region, in most cases we will redirect you to the dealer. If there is no dealer in your region or you don’t want to conduct business with the dealer in question than it is also possible to order by Frisian Motors. Also large corporates , municipality and institutions can in a lot of cases order directly with Frisian Motors. Do you want your machine delivered through your own local garden-, park- or mechanization supplier, than it is possible in most cases to do it directly with a dealer or Frisian Motors can arrange it. 

Yes, we can arrange extensive demo’s. With preference at our factory, where everything is available and the coffee always ready is. Although it is possible to organise a demo through the whole Netherlands. However we first want to send a quotation and discuss which model and accessories we will bring. 

Do you want to test a Leffert for multiple days? Then we recommend to firstly hire a vehicle (this is possible with Rentric). If you will purchase a vehicle afterwards, than we will offset the cost of the renting. In some cases there are more possibilities in consultation with the dealer. For more information contact the sales department. 

We prefer to order directly via Frisian Motors. Through our years of experience and knowledge we can provide the accurate answers. The delivery will in some cases be done through an local dealer. Who can normally also help you with maintenance, service and warranty. 

Electrically powered is more efficient than a combustion engine. The total used energy is way lower and therefore better for the environment. In addition there is way less maintenance needed, because there are less parts that can wear out. If you use green energy sources to charge, than it definitely is good for the environment. 

With preference Frisian Motors delivers to you or deliver the vehicle to an dealership. We will give extensive instructions about the vehicle after delivering. 

Wilt u meerdere dagen een Leffert uitproberen, dan adviseren wij u eerst een wagen te huren voor enkele dagen (dit kan via www.rentric.nl). Indien u daarna een machine aanschaft, wordt een geedeelte van de huurkosten weer met u verrekend. In sommige gevallen zijn er in overleg met dealers ook andere mogelijkheden. Informeer hierover bij onze afdeling verkoop.

Elektrische aandrijving is efficiënter dan een brandstofmotor, het totaal verbruikte energie is lager en daardoor beter voor het milieu. Daarnaast is veel minder onderhoud nodig, omdat er minder slijtende delen in de voertuigen zitten. Als u groene stroom gebruikt om op te laden of zelf zonnepanelen , dan is het helemaal een verbetering voor het milieu.

Yes, leasing is part of the financing options that Frisian Motors provides. This we provide in collaboration with CNHI Lease. They can offer you a complete lease package. It is possible to finance maintenance and extended warranty.