Leffert FM-40 Transporter

Leffert FM-40 Transporter

The smaller sister
of the FM-50

The smaller sister of the FM-50. Of course built with the philosophy from Frisian Motors. Strong, practical and standardly a complete machine! Between the FM-50 and a golfcart as far as power concerned, possibilities and price a big gap. This gap will be filled with the 100% electric FM-40!

The vehicle is standardly delivered with road access, built in charger, roof and polycarbonate windshield and can reach speeds up to 45 km/h. The range of the FM-40 is 50-60 km, depending on the driving conditions. The tested range in the Netherlands is 62 km. The Leffert FM-40 has subsidy possibilities. Because of the independent suspension is the FM-40 qualified for unpaved roads, terrain usage and forest trails. In combination with the powerful motor and the constant electric power the Leffert FM-40 will not disappoint. 

Curious how the Leffert drives?

Driving completely electric as company?

Customize your FM-40

The Leffert FM-40 is 100% electric. Equipped with the latest alternating current techniques (AC) and a built in charger. Chargeable at every outlet. The Leffert will be always and everywhere be charged within six hours. The vehicle is standardly equipped with maintenance free AGM batteries.

Stable battery
This type of battery is very stable in use and recyclable for 99%. We also designed lithium batteries exclusively made for our vehicles. These new generation batteries are even more powerful than the AGM batteries. Visit our Lithium page.


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Leffert FM-40 off-road tire set.
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Convenient accessory

Towbar including mounting bracket. Maximum towing weight 350 kg.
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Convenient accessory

Mirror set for the Leffert FM-40. Left & right.
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Technical highlights