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Based on the success of the Leffert FM-50, the Leffert FM-80 is the extended version and can seat 4 (optionally 6) people. Comes as standard with power steering and with an exceptional turning circle, heavy suspension and a very robust cabin with polyester roof. , this fully electric vehicle is almost silent, environmentally friendly and requires little maintenance. The Leffert FM-80 if often used for (nature) trips, transporting people at events and for shuttle services.
The vehicle comes with a T5 agricultural certificate for use on the open road, so you will need a car or tractor licence. The maximum speed is 50 km/h and its range is equal to the 2-seater variety: 60 – 80 km.




De Leffert FM-80 is uitgerust met de nieuwste wisselstroomtechniek (AC). The Leffert FM-80 uses the newest AC technology and comes with an external battery charger, meaning that you can charge batteries from the main grid. Standard charging takes 8 hours, and fast charging (optional) takes just 4 hours. The vehicles come with maintenance-free AGM batteries. These are extremely stable and reliable to use, as well as being 99% recyclable. There is also the option to use heavier battery packs.



Depending on the intended purpose, the vehicles can be adapted entirely to customer demand, both technically as well as in terms of their exterior. Business customers can, in some cases, make use of government subsidies, such as the VAMIL (Arbitrary Depreciation of Environmental Investments) or MIA (Environmental Investment Rebate) schemes.



– Speed 50 km/h
– Range 60-80 k
– Multifunctional use
– No car tax, road tax or personal contribution
– Charges for just 3 Euros
– With European road admission

Download the Leffert FM-80 Transporter brochure here.

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