FM-90 Electric Transporter 4WD 1


Frisian Motors

Manufacturer of electrical work and vehicles



If you are the type who seeks out extreme environments, like the beach, the mountains or if use trailers or tools weighing up to 2000 kg? Then the Leffert FM-90 4×4 is the one for you!  With creep speed for extremely strong traction, the machine also comes with many extras as standard, such as power steering, regenerative, independent suspension and brake discs, as well as 350 kg load capacity in the rear..



The FM-90 has a reinforced chassis. meaning that in future you can attach extra equipment at the front as well as at the rear. This includes mounting sliding boards, carpets sweepers, paddock blades, field sprayers, mowing decks and even complete 3-point lifting direction. Making the Frisian Motors vision of the future – combining working and driving into one practical vehicle – a fact. . This also means a better return on your investment. .



The Leffert comes with brake discs and has 4-point safety belts for both seats.
The exact type of tyre profiles are available for each type of terrain. Offering you a safe, electric driving experience.


– Speed 60 km/h

– Range 60-80 km  

– 4WD change up  

– Power steering, creep function

– Regenerative braking  

– Charges for just 3 Euros

– Comes with all terrain tyres as standard

– Comes with T5 agricultural certificate as standard

– With Eurpean road admission

Download the Leffert FM-90 Transporter brochure here .

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