Leffert FM-90 Transporter 4WD

Leffert FM-90 Transporter 4WD


If you are the type who seeks out extreme environments, like the beach, the mountains or if use trailers or tools weighing up to 1000 kg? Then the Leffert FM-90 4×4 is the one for you!  With creep speed for extremely strong traction, the machine also comes with many extras as standard, such as power steering, regenerative, independent suspension and brake discs, as well as 350 kg load capacity in the rear.

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Curious about how the Leffert drives?


The FM-90 has a reinforced chassis. Meaning that in future you can attach extra equipment at the front as well as at the rear. This includes mounting sliding boards, carpets sweepers, paddock blades, field sprayers, mowing decks and even complete 3-point lifting direction. Making the Frisian Motors vision of the future – combining working and driving into one practical vehicle – a fact. This also means a better return on your investment.

The Leffert comes with brake discs and has 4-point safety belts for both seats. The exact type of tyre profiles are available for each type of terrain. Offering you a safe, electric driving experience.

100% electric
The Leffert FM-90 uses the newest AC technology and comes with an external battery charger, meaning that you can charge batteries from the main grid. Standard charging takes 8 hours, and fast charging (optional) takes just 4 hours. The vehicles come with maintenance-free AGM batteries. These are extremely stable and reliable to use, as well as being 99% recyclable. There is also the option to use heavier battery packs. This new generation of batteries is even more powerful than the original AGM batteries. Would you like to know more about lithium batteries? Then view our Lithium page.

Custom made transporters

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Would you like to stay warm? Then it's possible to make the cabin of the Leffert windproof!


Leffert off-road tires, set of 4 pieces.


The Leffert FM-90 4x4 is extremely powerful and designed for challenging conditions.

Technical highlights