Because we design and assemble our vehicles ourselves, we can make many adjustments to the appearance of our vehicles in consultation with the customer. Many modifications are also possible on a technical level. On this page you will find a selection of the vehicles that we have made to measure for the customer.
Special construction 2


The BE-combination of Frisian Motors brings a lot of possibilities to take your Leffert with a trailer to your desired job. This combination offers more loading space than the default Leffert FM-50 and is therefore able to transport more and/or larger items. Some examples of usages of this trailer combination:
– Transportation on events
– Useful while building events or tents
– Transportation of cleaning items


On Tuesday, July 1 was the unveiling of the Frisian Eco Car. This Eco Car was built by the students of the ROC Friese Poort with the knowledge and help of specialist companies, such as Frisian Motors and VABO Composites. ROC Friese Poort Center Sustainable made the innovation lab available and supports the project with the purchase of materials and the supervision of teachers.

The basis for the Eco-Car was chosen for the frames of Frisian Motors. The students develop a new structure in which composite material is used.

The innovation project of the Frisian Eco-Car is part of a larger project: Ecocity 058. In 2018, Leeuwarden will attract millions of extra visitors. Leeuwarden and the province of Friesland do not only want to treat them to culture, but also to show entrepreneurship and the innovative strength of the Frisian capital. Friesland is a leader in the field of sustainable energy and technology, and visitors are certainly allowed to see and experience this. An extensive program of electric transport along sustainable projects is part of the activities of Leeuwarden as European Capital of Culture 2018.

Special construction 3
Special construction 4
Special construction 5
Special construction 6