FM-170 Electric Riding Mower 1


Frisian Motors

Manufacturer of electrical work and vehicles



The fully electric FM-170 zero-turn mower from Frisian Motors. A full zero-turn mower for larger private and semi-professional use. Steering is via two steering levers that each connect to a wheel drive. Mowing is done via 2 electric motors, directly on to the mowing deck. So no more need for bands, oil or petrol.

The mower is driven by a 48 volt-system with a total capacity of 5 kW.

The Rimmert comes with an AGM battery as standard, has a mowing time of around 1 hour and a charging time of a maximum of 8 hours. There is an optional second AGM load exchange pack that enables 2 hours of mowing. Lithium is an optional extra and is offered on a modular basis per hour of mowing time, to a maximum of 3 hours of continuous use. Lithium can also be used as an exchange system, with 3 hour fast loading that means theoretically you can carry on mowing all day long.


– Capacity 4 KW at 48 volt

– Standard mowing time 1 h around 3000m2
– Wide mowing surface 110 cm side discharge
– Speed 0-10 km per h (continuous)

– Turning circle: ZERO TURN 180 degrees
– Deep cyclical maintenance-free batteries 140 Ah
– Battery weight: ±120 kg
– Charging time of 0-100%: 8 h (230V/10A)
– Net weight circa 390 KG (inc. batteries)
– Inclines to 18°
– Safe from excess load, chair contact and strain
– Also available in future with rear discharge and professional collection system
– 12 month full guarantee on parts, batteries and labour

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