FM-120 Electric Shovel 1


Frisian Motors

Manufacturer of electrical work and vehicles



This entry-level mini shovel is based on a 28 PK fuel motor. This 100% electric mini-loader has a peak capacity of 30 KW (40 pk). A handy all-rounder, it works with a combination of a hydraulic motor, giving it constant 4-wheel drive and can accommodate universal hydraulic equipment.

The low (battery) mass weight combined with articulated steering makes for an especially stable machine. There are around 12 varieties available, varying from loading platforms, mower edges and pellet forks, through to custom designs for every need.

No odour, noise or emission of harmful gasses for humans and animals. The machine has a fully digital screen that provides all information on electricity use, battery status, temperature and maintenance intervals. 



– Running time without equipment attached 4-8 h

– Running time with equipment attached 2.5- 4 h

– Hoist capacity maximum 350 kg

– Hoist height 1640 mm

– Tractive power 2000 kg rolling weight, 750 daN

– Turning circle 3650 mm

– Synth Hydraulic oil, 21 L/min, at 180 bar

– Speed 0-12 km/h


– Total length: 2270 mm

– Width: 1170 mm

– Height: 2100 mm

– Wheel base: 1210 mm

– Battery weight: 360 kg

– Charging time from 0-100%: 8 h (230v/10A)

– Net weight 1120 kg (inc. batteries)

– Inclines to 20% at full power


12 months full guarantee on parts, batteries and labour. Extended guarantee available up to 3 years.

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